Brompton Shoots Latest Campaign at Design District

Published1 December 2023
Frankie Mason,Marketing and Events Executive

Brompton have unleashed their creativity in their latest campaign, shot right in the heart of Design District.  

Showcasing the Brompton T Line, the campaign shoot features Design District and the recently completed B1 building by the visionary Selgascano architects. 

“Design District proved to be the ideal playground to showcase our halo product and lightest bike, Brompton T Line, by providing a unique, architecturally considered (and varied) area where we could utilise the vertical space as well capturing the riding element - Dimitri Hon, Senior Creative at Brompton.

The now available B1 building spans over 10,000 sq. ft across four storeys. The building provides spacious, open-plan workspace with views of the winter garden from one end and across Design District from the other.  

Watch the full campaign video here.

Interested in learning out more about location shoots at Design District? Email [email protected] for more information.