Design District is a collection of 16 buildings designed by eight architects, set in the heart of Greenwich Peninsula offering permanent and purpose-designed workspace for the creative industries.

Design District

A thriving home for ideas

Design District will provide a new space for London’s creatives to come and work together. A magnetic centre of activity with a vibrant and engaged community of designers, makers and creators – from architects and artists to graphic, fashion and digital designers, gaming professionals, musicians and many more.

Here to keep London creative

The creative industries are at the heart of what makes London great. But London is also one of the most expensive cities in the world. Creative communities are under threat from rocketing rent, and are being squeezed out of even some more recently formed creative districts. Design District is here to help keep London creative, by offering an accessible workplace, purpose-made to support creative work of all kinds.

Purpose-made space for creative work

Everything about the district is designed to help creative businesses thrive. That includes permanent buildings to provide security and certainty, plus flexible leases to enable businesses to grow or shrink in one place. Our work spaces are naturally ventilated with huge north-light windows. There are options from co-working space to clean studios and dirty workshops, along with a photographic studio and places to eat and do sport for all to share.

The services creatives really need

Beyond space, we will have a programme of events specially curated for our tenants. We will also have business services available from experts in intellectual property, employment law, tax and other topics that creative industries so often need help with. And we will strive to constantly improve this service; behaving more like a world-class R&D department than a landlord. So as our city grows, creatives have a permanent place to stay.

Design District Team

Helen Arvanitakis

Design District Director

Alex Howard

Sales Manager

Wietske Helwig

Marketing Manager

Frankie Mason

Marketing and Events Assistant

Ana Gervasio

Bureau Manager

Catriona Duncan

Property and Facilities Manager

Matthew Simpson

Design District Client Accountant

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