London attracts the best talent from across the world. It’s a launch pad for innovation. So as our city grows, let’s make sure our creatives stay. Because without creativity, London just isn’t London. If you agree, join the #KeepLondonCreative movement. Share photos on Instagram of your creative process – works in progress, your studio and yourself – with #KeepLondonCreative.

@julianlovephoto Got slightly addicted to photographing sparks…

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Caren Hartley
Image by @Jochen Holz
Jochen Holz

@billamberg Our leatherworker, Oliver cladding ceiling panels at our Queens Park studio for a residential project. We’re proud to join the campaign to #KeepLondonCreative, an initiative by @wallpapermag and @thepeninsulist to help support and nurture the city’s creative communities…

Image by @Special Projects 1
Special Projects
Image by @Map Project Office 3
Map Project Office
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Map Project Office

@silviyar My contribution to #KeepLondonCreative | a campaign with a strong message by @thepeninsulist and @wallpapermag…